A Manhattan Story

A Manhattan Story


He rushed off the plain, grabbed his bags at a run

Through the terminal building, and into the sun

He was feeling quite jetlagged, so he hailed a cab

“To the Waldolf please,” he said to Ahab


The journey was short, the skyline he sighted

His heart started thumping, he was rather excited

As it grew close, with the window wound down

He heard the sweet song, of the magical town


At last he’d arrived, his hotel was quite grand

Out with the maps, time for a plan

He wasted no time; he was out on the street

Now it was time, to dance to its beat



Strange conversations, in accents unheard

While the lights kept him waiting, right there on the curb

The roads like a river, no place for a fellow

Are all the cars here to be coloured in yellow?


His camera snapped, his feet they did ache

No time for a rest, he’d appointments to make

By sundown he felt, the city was conquered

The he remembered, his cousin in Yonkers


As the sun went to bed, and brought out the stars

He ate in a diner, then looked for some bars

A nice little barstool, to rest his feet

What he didn’t expect, was the chance to meet


Karolin was her name, she was from Kent

To George it was plain, she was heaven sent

They spoke for some time, chemistry oozed

Were they meant to be, or was it the booze?


They drank until late, and shared many tales

She was agnostic, he hated snails

When the bar closed, they entered the city

She looked to the stars, “now isn’t that pretty?”


They danced and they dazzled, like lights on a stage

His heart longed for her, like he‘d known her an age

He couldn’t explain it; it was more than a crush

As he took her hand, she smiled, and blushed


The streets almost silent, they walked hand in hand

Time was against them, so they plotted and planned

They would meet the next day; it would be their first date

“Great,” he said, “I can hardly wait.”


That night in his bed, too excited for sleep

His phone was alive, every second a bleep

The texting was fun, it made his heart skip

She tangled her hair, and bit on her lip


As sleep finally won, his eyes slowly closed

He was drifting away, time for a doze

Perhaps he would dream, of the girl from the bar

Thoughts of her smile, from him were not far


Early next morning, his phone was quite chirpy

“I’m ready,” she wrote, but it was only six thirty!

No time to lose, he washed and he changed

Times Square she had said, it had been arranged


Already quite busy, the people a sea

Would he recognise her, oh where could she be?

For more than five minutes, despite her description

He couldn’t find her, was this all a great fiction?


He felt his heart drop, was it all just a dream?

He thought that she liked him, she wouldn’t be mean

Pushing through people, circling the square

She wasn’t about, “This just isn’t fair.”


He decided to slump, find comfort in coffee

And a nice slice of cake, most likely banoffee

“Excuse me young man, is this seat taken, Sir?”

He was taken aback, it was the girl, it was her


She confessed lateness, and offered a smile

His heart resuscitated, gone doubt, gone denial

She lifted his coffee, and pressed to her lips

I’ll have one of those, she said after two sips


They watched Times square dance, to a tumultuous din

And before too long, the thought they’d join in

Shops, more coffee, candy, they needed a rest

He thought of a place, that she might like best


Over burgers in a diner, they spoke with such ease

He wanted to flirt, and she was a tease

They shared all their dreams, and bared all their fears

It had been just two days, but to them it was years


She’d studied history, George studied art

He hated the dentist; she feared the dark

At school she was Snow White, while he was Wise man

His Mother was Rosie, her Father was Dan


On lots of things, they seemed to agree

Apart from their futures, they were different you see

He wanted a wife, and maybe some kids

Her affection was an auction, and ready for bids


She lived in Kent, he lived in the North

She lived for the now, he kept looking forth

“Live each single day, as if it’s your last”

“Care not for the future, but remember the past.”


She winked as she said it, but meant every word

George took her hand, and inside his heart purred

They walked hand in hand, through the streets filled with song

What a time George was having, what could possibly go wrong?


As the Sun kissed the buildings, and the lights took their hold

He thought he would chance it, he thought he’d be bold

He leant in for the kiss, closing his eyes

And felt her soft lips, what an awesome surprise


Her lips were soft cushions, her scent was so sweet

A more beautiful girl, he never would meet

Her hands left his face, her eyes filled with doubt

What she would do next, would spell it all out


Karolina pulled away, George felt like a berk

“Please don’t hate me; I don’t think this will work.”

“I leave tomorrow, and you are so far away”

“Can we stay friends? Maybe meet up some day?”


A dream fairy-tale, too good to be true

If he searched in his heart, he was sure that he knew

Things were going so well, why spoil it now?

So this was the end, he knew that somehow


In his eyes she saw hurt, which mirrored her own

This small little kiss, had them both thrown

What happens now, where do they go?

They both hid their feelings, and tried not to show


They decided right then, to enjoy what was left

Just keep things simple, it was for the best

The rest of the night, the sparkle was missing

Could all this have happened, because of them kissing?


They returned to the bar, where they had first met

George looked lost, Karolina, upset

She avoided his gaze, awkward it was

She looked to him searchingly, and then spoke to say “soz.”


She explained best she could, about her broken heart

And that a love all anew, she wasn’t ready to start

George took it well, as well as one can

Stiff upper lip, t’was taken like a man



They left the bar, and parted with a hug

She left feeling sad, George felt like a mug

He wandered Times Square, alone with the lights

Still two more days, just him and the sights


The next morning came, but the buzz it had died

He was going to miss, no girl by his side

Sight after sight, removed from his list

And all he could do, was think of that kiss


His dream trip now ended, he called for a cab

And what do you know? It was the same guy, Ahab

They talked the whole journey, about all he had done

And despite his heart, he had had great fun


A week had gone by, since his trip to New York

And to those that would listen, he would often talk

About the girl from the city, who’d stolen his heart

But before it begun, they decided to part


After Friday night drinks, he got to his flat

Where one envelope, was adorning his mat

He headed inside, and started to open

Quietly wishing, secretly hoping


“I am very sorry, for leading you on

Please let me explain, please let me go on.

When we met in New York, it was a fabulous time

But time’s a commodity, I have been declined.”


“This wonderful trip, was a dream come true

And I am very grateful, to have shared it with you

According to doctors, from them I have heard

I’m looking at months; it’s the dreaded ‘C’ word.”


“If fate wasn’t against me, if I hadn’t been chosen

Then perhaps to your heart, I wouldn’t have been frozen

So I guess this letter, is a sort of goodbye

I’ll finish here, ‘cos I’m starting to cry.”


George was dumbstruck, this wasn’t the end

If nothing else, she was still his friend

He told work some fibs, and got on a train

If but for a day, he’d be with her again


Her family gathered, greeted him like their own

It was fate he would be here, the seeds had been sewn

He edged to her bedside, her smile was weak

But she had enough strength, the desire to speak.


“To all of you here, for one reason or another

My Mum, Dad and Sisters, and even kid brother

To the kindest of souls, of my last ever trip

One day raise your glasses, and take a small sip


For soon I will leave you, with nothing but love

And I’ll look in on you, from high up above

Mum and Dad and the rest, I love you so dear

So please think of me, when you let go those tears


George, silly George, you did have my heart

I knew from hello, yes, right from the start

Your life will go on, you will taste sweet glory

But don’t forget me, and our Manhattan story





















































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Wannabe writer. Husband. dreamer. Part-time idiot.

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