Dennis was at his wits end. 

He hadn’t managed a wink of sleep all night. It was a barmy evening, and he had purposely left the windows open. 

He never understood why the neighbours had left Kevin out all night. 

The damn animal had been making a racket all night. 

He hadn’t felt this annoyed since Tescos decided to charge for carrier bags. 

Groggily, he lurched out of bed and stuck his head out of the open window, the warm evening air making his throat stick. 

“Jesus Christ, Kevin. Pack it in,” he shouted. 

He didn’t care if he woke the neighbours. 

Through the dark below,he could see Kevin stirring. Kevin then unfurled himself, straddled the dividing fence, and in a single fluid movement, reached up, pulling Dennis from his bedroom, swallowing him whole. 

Kevin then returned to his garden and curled himself into a neat ball. 

Dennis learned, at great personal cost, not to antagonise the neighbours T-Rex. 

Silly Dennis. 


Published by Jason Moody

Wannabe writer. Husband. dreamer. Part-time idiot.

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