Well I never. 

Dan raced through the airport terminal at great speed. How he managed not to bowl over the small group of Japanese tourists, is anyone’s guess. Not to mention the half-dozen coffee-wielding ignorants along the way.

He could now see his gate ahead. The second he did, a sudden frosty chill gripped his chest.

The attendants were packing away their items, and it looked for all the world like they had finished boarding.

Had he missed his flight? Would he miss the single most important meeting of his life? Did he brush his teeth that morning?

A million questions buzzed around his head, vying for his undivided attention.

He reached the gate. He was exhausted.

The attendant looked at him, offering a smile she had no doubt learnt in training.
“I’m sorry, you cannot board this flight,” she said.

Dan was incensed.

“What? Why?”

The woman looked embarrassed.

“Well…you’re a cat,” she said.

Dan blew out his cheeks.

“Oh for Christ’s sake. This again?”

Poor Dan.


Published by Jason Moody

Wannabe writer. Husband. dreamer. Part-time idiot.

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