That’s just great that is.

It had all happened so fast. Without warning.
It was a Tuesday, just after 10:27am.
The local supermarket was crammed with shoppers buying trolleys full of over-priced stuff they neither needed, nor wanted.
It was in the joining carpark that the giant asteroid struck. It was roughly the size of Kent.
Within hours, a veil of acrid smoke enveloped the Earth, killing most living organisms.
Humanity stood on the brink of extinction.
Within a day, a tsunami as high as a skyscraper swallowed entire continents.
Humanity and life on Earth were wiped out.
All humankind had achieved was destroyed in a day.
We were no more.

Meanwhile, on a small patch of dead ground near Croydon…

“What’s got into you?” said Pete.

Greg shrugged.

“I just feel different. I’ve changed. The world has changed.”

“What are you talking about?” said Pete.

Greg looked at Pete. Pete could sense he was not going to like this.

“I’m a vegetarian,” said Greg.

Pete shook his head. “You’re a disgrace to all cockroaches, you know that?”

Greg pulled a face and looked away.



Published by Jason Moody

Wannabe writer. Husband. dreamer. Part-time idiot.

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