Life or death

    Frank scuttled forward, peered over the line in front of him and returned to gazing at his well-worn trainers. Being British, Frank was not one to break the mould; he too hated a queue. This queue, he entertained, was possibly the largest he had ever stood in. It snaked left and right. At […]


    The party was dull and Katie couldn’t hide it. There was only so many times she was prepared to roll her eyes in her mind and plaster on a fake smile as fellow reveller entered her precious personal space – thirteen and counting.  She wandered into the kitchen, on the search for another […]

A Manhattan Story

A Manhattan Story   He rushed off the plain, grabbed his bags at a run Through the terminal building, and into the sun He was feeling quite jetlagged, so he hailed a cab “To the Waldolf please,” he said to Ahab   The journey was short, the skyline he sighted His heart started thumping, he […]


Mum kisses my head and says goodnight. She turns off the light and closes the door behind her. her shadow lingers outside my door. She waits for a good twenty seconds before she moves away and the unfiltered light creeps back in under my door. I stare into the black void above my head. Aside […]


Dennis was at his wits end.  He hadn’t managed a wink of sleep all night. It was a barmy evening, and he had purposely left the windows open.  He never understood why the neighbours had left Kevin out all night.  The damn animal had been making a racket all night.  He hadn’t felt this annoyed […]

That’s just great that is.

It had all happened so fast. Without warning. It was a Tuesday, just after 10:27am. The local supermarket was crammed with shoppers buying trolleys full of over-priced stuff they neither needed, nor wanted. It was in the joining carpark that the giant asteroid struck. It was roughly the size of Kent. Within hours, a veil […]