Always the last to know

  Dave squinted, holding his hand over his eyes. The light was brilliant and unforgiving, but he took his hand away, opening his eyes a little wider to acclimatise. Objects were beginning to appear, but everything seemed like a headache grey in comparison to the whitewashed walls. Everything was out of focus and blurred, like […]

Well atleast it isn’t Monday

Morris looked out onto the garden below him. It was a sunny day, and he wished he was outside with his friends. He gave a little sigh, turned and headed back downstairs. He hated being in the house by himself. He much preferred company. He loved to chat with his friends about all manor of things, but […]

When the beat goes on…

We all love music, don’t we? I mean, there’s something for everyone. From Ashkenazy to ZZ Top and everything inbetween.  It can lift our spirits, change our mood. It can help us deal with feelings. It’s a sonic comfort blanket. It’s linked to our dreams and our fears; it’s everywhere.  It’s also a source of […]

Did you hear the one about…

The clouds shifted lazily across the blue sky. Birds twittered and tweeted in the trees. The sun was warm, and welcoming as it shone on those below. It was a beautiful day. Emma was enjoying her lunch hour in the local park. She wasn’t the only one. The green, sat just behind the town, was […]

Oh no you didn’t

The restuaurant was full.  For David, the evening was going well. He was on a first date with trainee nurse, Laura.  Less than an hour in, and he felt in his heart that he might, for once, reach a second date.  Laura was perfect; She was funny, charming, beautiful and possessing more one-liners than a […]


Oh, hi. Sorry, I was just eating a JaffaCake.  So, welcome. This is my little part of the ether, which I will fill with nonsense.  Comment. Don’t. I do requests.  Enjoy. 


Dennis was at his wits end.  He hadn’t managed a wink of sleep all night. It was a barmy evening, and he had purposely left the windows open.  He never understood why the neighbours had left Kevin out all night.  The damn animal had been making a racket all night.  He hadn’t felt this annoyed […]